What to Do When Your Drain Clogs Frequently

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Most homeowners will contend with clogged drains multiple times over the years, but some drains in a home may frequently develop clogs. It may seem as though you just cleared away a clog when another one develops. While this can be an irritating problem to have, it also can be costly. After all, while you may be able to remove some clogs on your own, you may need to call a plumber for professional plumbing service to remove deep or stubborn clogs. If one or more drains in your home clogs frequently, there are a few steps you can take to clear up this irritating and costly problem.

Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Your primary goal when dealing with a clogged drain may be to clear away the main clog in question, and you may be able to reach and remove this clog on your own. However, if the clog quickly returns, the reality is that your pipe may be dirtier than your do-it-yourself efforts can tackle. Hydrojetting is one common service offered by a plumbing company, and it will remove all of the clogs and built-up debris throughout the length of the pipe. The service is completed by shooting a powerful stream of water through the pipe to loosen and remove debris.

Drain Covers

Hydrojetting service from a plumbing company will result in well-cleaned pipes, but you also want to take steps to keep your pipes as clean as possible. One option that your professional plumber may recommend is the use of drain covers. Drain covers can block much of the debris that washes down your drains from entering the pipes. They can be used on kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, bathtubs and other related plumbing features throughout the home.

Education on the Proper Use of Drains

When you hire a plumber to provide plumbing service for your clogs, you may also ask for education and tips on the proper use of drains. You may think that anything that can fit through the pipe should be acceptable to wash down the drain, but this is not the case. For example, you can wash a considerable amount of food waste down your kitchen sink, and you may expect your garbage disposal to chop up this waste. However, a garbage disposal does not work well with all types of food, even if it fits down the drain. For example, banana peels should not be used with a garbage disposal.

Dealing with a drain that clogs frequently can be a bothersome experience. A smart idea is to professionally clean the pipe through hydrojetting. Then, you can take additional steps to prevent future clogs from developing. Through these efforts, your drain will hopefully clog far less frequently. You may want to visit the ExpressRooter Plumbing website for more resources and insights.

March 24, 2017