Should You Purchase a Toronto Investment Property?

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You may have heard that real estate investments are a financially savvy option to consider. They provide you with the incredible ability to enjoy a monthly income stream, equity accumulation through debt reduction paid for by the tenants and value appreciation. These are only a few of the financial benefits associated with real estate investments, and you may be eager to take advantage of these benefits yourself. If you are preparing to call a real estate agent to begin exploring Toronto real estate investment options, consider these points carefully so that you make a wise financial decision.

The Local Market

The Toronto real estate market is similar to the real estate market in many other areas. Whether you are looking for homes or condos to invest in, your Realtor will likely tell you that the local market has its ups and downs. A smart real estate agent will also inform you that you cannot predict the market, so you bear the risk associated with holding onto property during a downturn. Those who can successfully navigate through these downturns will be better poised to profit from a real estate investment. For example, you may need to have a considerable amount of liquidity to navigate through a tough market for a few months or years until the situation improves and you can sell a property for a profit.

Your Investment Objectives

Before you invest in Toronto homes or condos, consider your investment objectives. Most investors will agree that maximizing your return on investment is a primary goal. You may find that this is easy to accomplish with specific properties. However, real estate is generally a long term investment option. If you have plans to liquidate your assets in the near future, real estate may not be ideal for your goals.

The Investment Options

You also need to consider the investment options available and the amount of cash you need to use to make an investment. Real estate is one of the rare types of investments that you can leverage with financing, but you will still need to make an initial down payment and pay for closing costs. Homes and condos throughout the area vary drastically by price, but you may be able to make an initial investment for a rather affordable amount with the use of a real estate loan.

Many people will use the services from a real estate agent  to help them buy a new home to live in, but others want to invest in local real estate. Some real estate agents specialize in investment properties, and you can find this type of agent as a first step in making a real estate investment in Toronto.

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March 11, 2017