6 Ways How To Pack Your Clothes Most Efficiently Before Moving

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With moving day quickly approaching, you’ll want to ensure you’re following best moving practices so you can be as prepared as possible for the move ahead. Whether you’ve handled several moves already or this upcoming move is your first one, there are some great moving hacks that will help you.

Packing Your Clothes

When it comes to handling the task of packing your clothes, there are multiple methods you might consider. Should you roll your clothes? Lay everything flat? Pack them in a box or suitcase? If you’re searching for the most efficient ways to move your clothing, keep reading.

1. Use the Rolling Method

Use the Rolling Method

It turns out that rolling your clothes is the best method for getting all of your outfits to fit. With the rolling method, you’ll be able to maximize your space and keep your clothes wrinkle-free. Be sure to keep the rolls as tight as possible in order to make the most of the space in your suitcase.

2. Close Your Suitcase, then Add More

Close Your Suitcase

Believe it or not, your suitcase can hold more than you think. Once it looks like your suitcase is full, zip it closed completely, then add more in the available space. You’ll find that you have room in the innermost corners of the suitcase, as well as between larger clothing.

3. Invest in Travel Vacuum Bags

Travel Vacuum Bags

These bags work to maximize your space by shrinking bulky clothing as much as possible. These bags keep your clothes wrinkle-free and open up more space in your suitcase. An alternative to these vacuum sealed bags is freezer bags that you can use to seal out an air.

4. Pack with the Bundle Method

Packing clothes

The bundle packing method allows you to avoid wrinkles and creases by wrapping smaller items with larger and bulkier clothes. By bundling things together, your clothes basically become one large entity, making it easier to try to push everything closer together.

5. Try Packing Folders or Boxes


Packing folders act like regular folders, but for clothes. Use packing folders by folding your clothes regularly then placing them in the envelopes. With this method, you’ll be able to keep your suitcase neater with a bit more space.

Similarly to the envelopes, using a cardboard box for clothes will allow you to cram everything you can into the box. If you find you need more than your suitcase, try using cardboard boxes from a company like Hudson movers to pack your clothing. While you won’t be able to minimize the wrinkling, you will be able to square away all your clothes that much faster.

6. Use an Expandable Bag

Expandable Bag

An expandable bag is the perfect solution for anyone that needs versatile luggage. Expandable bags will grow as you need them to. When packing for a move, you’ll be able to utilize every inch of this bag. If you find that you don’t need the extra space, you can return it to its regular size.

There’s an art to moving with your entire wardrobe. Use these tips and tricks as you prepare for your upcoming move.

August 19, 2018